an augmented reality, that means a digital reality (in this case: art)in a everyday reality.
So art is a augmentation,an enrichment, of our lives, our individuality and our identity, special to our identity 
Now it happens that, where I live, art disappears more and more, particularly modern art loses its value.
So you can imagine what happens to our individuality and our identity...
2017 Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, Magmart Festival,  (winner)Napoli (IT)
2018 Coimbra Watermuseum selection
Magmart Festival (PT)

Tu me voulais vierge. Je te voulais moins con.
You expected me virgin. I expected you not to be a dumbass

What is purity? What means virgin? What we expect from a virgin?
She is free each time she refuse to be kept in the dream of the other .
She has the right to develop her personality and character in peace!

3D animation, music is by me.

2015 Festival Instants Vidéo numériques et poétiques Marseille (FR)

Gallery_The Room, mature

Interactive exhibition from my latest 3D character animations.

An idea is born in your brains with the speed of light
multiply this with the same speed of light, C square!
The energy E you've used by the creation of the idea, divide by the speed of light (square) gives the mass M to the idea,
the idea is born in our world and dimensions, E=m.c2
So, is it an illusion or is it reality???

Filmed with different cameras as an I phone, an action cam and a normal photo camera.

Winning selection @ Magmart Festival Napoli Italy.
Nominated @ FIVA festival Buenos Aires Argentina

Queen Schizophrenia mature

What if all of your other personalities are your best friends?

Visit our website Queen Schizophrenia with info about the shooting locations, with downloadable stills and much more @
Movie is available @

Arcane, mature

Suddenly an illegal broadcast, shaped in time!
Time has become his own sculptor, has played with motion, with shapes...with time!
Absolutely new, never seen,an at the same time, lost in herself, lost in time, making new sculptures, paintings of motion and rhythm....surreal....... an Arcane. 
Art against the mainstream!!!
100% animation.

Sulphur Silence Productions 2017
Rogier Dirkx
Movie is available @